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Festival de Cannes - Review

One of the best films at Cannes last month, The Pianist is beautifully told in a manner reminiscent of Truffaut or Merchant-Ivory. Based on fellow Canadian Anne Ireland's semi-autobiographical novel, A Certain Mr. Takahashi, Claude Gagnon's film is a charming romantic drama that will certainly win praise and success on the specialized circuit...

...Heading an impressive cast, [Gail] Travers and [Masha] Grenon encompass the sisters' passing years with infinite credibility. They are able to show their characters' development from gawkiness to sophistication with subtle force.

The film was snapped up by Far Eastern and Latin American countries at Cannes, and is certain to figure prominently at major festivals throughout the year.

Tony Crawley

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Gail Travers is an actor and screenwriter who has appeared in a variety of theatrical and film projects. She is a member of ACTRA and SAG as well as a Canadian and U.S. citizen.